a16z Podcast: Earned Secrets with Ben Horowitz

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  • Good people and good ideas tend to get more good people and more good ideas. (2:57)

  • When you get career advice you aren’t getting career advice for you. You are getting career advice for the person your getting it from. That may not be for you. You have to ask yourself ok who am I asking for advice? (3:17)

  • If you are young your one advantage is your inexperience with the old world. It may mean you can come up with a breakthrough idea. (7:09)

  • How do you get to the idea? We call it an earned secret. You tried to solve some problem and you learned something about the world that just not a lot of other people know..... (AirBNB) finds out hotels aren’t exactly an old idea... there were inns before...” (8:03) 

  • Entrepreneurship is like a mini scientific discovery... they weren’t looking for what they found. They were trying to solve some problem and stumbled into something else... (13:58)

  • Going hard at a problem is generally how you get to a great idea. (14:41)