An interview with Mr. Beast: Finding success on Youtube | H3H3 Podcast

Benefits of Mr. Beast’s company being in North Carolina: Less taxes, less rent, less cost of employees. If my warehouse [where he shoots his videos] was in LA it would be 8x the cost. It wouldn’t be feasible. [3:00] 

In North Carolina, a 7 room office is $1800 a month. The office they are recording this podcast is in L.A. The rent is $3000 a month for 2 rooms. [4:19] 

The more we talk the more you’ll realize I do YouTube and that is about it. I like to delegate everything else to other people so I can focus on it. [4:40] 

You asked me about my shirt. I didn’t buy this. I had someone shop for me. I suck at fashion. I suck at anything that is not YouTube. [4:43] 

You outsource everything that is not video making? At the moment - since we are blowing up - it is optimal to spend the time doing that. [5:03]

Two years ago I didn’t have a single employee. [5:26]

If you are a YouTuber it is about opportunity cost. If you can pay someone a few hundred dollars to free up time to put towards a video that is getting millions of views— that is a no brainer. [6:18] 

I edited my first 800 videos. I remember thinking no one will ever to able to match my style. All that other crap everyone else says. Then you get an editor and it is like I was stupid. You could put that time into making your next video. [7:00] 

From 12 years old until now all I did was YouTube. My friends make movie references I don’t get. I only grew up on YouTube. [10:33] 

I was grinding every day for years. Not getting anywhere. There were so many times when I went to bed wondering if I was wasting my time. [11:00]

I think most people have more time. They just convince themselves they don’t. Anyone listening to this probably spends an hour plus a day on Instagram and Twitter. If you cut that out your life would be no worse off and you would have a free hour to do whatever you want. [16:30] 

I love it when people grind for a year or 2 and then give up and say it’s impossible. Those are rookie numbers. [17:15] 

People over-complicate the Youtube algorithm. If people click on your video and watch your video- what the fuck else does YouTube want? They don’t care about comments or likes. None of that matters. They just want you to click and watch. [21:38]

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