Anatomy of Next: Maisie Williams // Art, identity, and this is your brain on Twitter

  • Life is more complicated than just staying alive: Our species is unique in that it looks for reasons to live. What makes your life whole is so much more than the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the people you are with. To be human is to be creative. It is something that should be very high on the priority list.

  • The opportunity for Daisie: The creative arts industry is not very accessible. There is no real path in. It is usually who you know not what you know. We should do something about it.

  • What Daisie is: A playground for creative collaboration. Imagine something like Google Docs but for the creative arts. We are building the tooling creative artists need to collaborate.

  • Daisie wants to take away the popularity contest: It’s something I battled with during school and the real world. I battled with it again on social media. This constant elbowing to be at the top of some social platform isn’t good. We want to strip it back to letting your work speak for itself.

  • I don’t think the internet should be controlled: I also don’t think social media should be spying on us. I think if you are wise about the Internet you understand that you can create anyone [or anything] you want.

  • Full podcast here.