Founders 15 #10 Web Smith

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  • How does 2PM make money? Recurring revenue from subscriptions [$15 month / $120 year] and one on one growth consulting in the commerce, media, finance and agencies industries. I don’t foresee 2pm being a huge company [in terms of number of employees] ever. One of my inspirations is Ben Thompson and Stratechery

  • Bootstrapping 2PM was a test of endurance: I did over 200 issues without paying myself. Do I really want this enough? Throughout my career I’ve shown a lack of endurance. I wanted this to be something different. 

  • Who inspired you? Bill and Katie Henniger [Founders of Rogue]. What they built has been extraordinary. One of the most impressive companies in modern times.

  • What has your biggest sacrifice been in starting a business? Probably my mental health. I’ve had some tough times. Some moments where everything I thought about myself was tested...There were times where I didn’t think it was possible. That’s not necessarily an experience people feel when they are working typical jobs. 

  • What would you tell yourself if you could go back to when you started the company? I’d remind myself that writing is a superpower. It’s something that could change how people view the company. I would have prioritized that sooner. 

  • How do you want to be remembered? I didn’t throw in the towel. There are numerous stories of folks that don’t figure it out for a long time. But when they do figure it out it has a tremendous impact.