Naval Podcast: Give Society What It Doesn’t Know How to Get

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  • Almost everything that you use used to be technology at one point in time. There was a time when oil was a technology, that made J.D. Rockefeller rich. There was a time when cars were technology, that made Henry Ford rich.

  • Figure out what product you can provide. Then figure out how to scale it.

  • You want to figure out what you can provide for society that it does not yet know how to get. Something that is natural to you. Something within your skillset

  • Steve Jobs and his team figured out that society would want smartphones. They figured out how to build that. Then they figured out how to scale it.

  • Entrepreneurship is essentially an act of creating something new from scratch, predicting that society will want it, and then figuring out how to scale it and get it to everyone in a profitable way