Invest Like the Best #127 Brian Singerman: Investing in the Best Founders

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  • What are the things you look for when evaluating a business? Moat, market, execution. Is there an existing moat? Is it a large enough market? Is the team good enough to take the product from the moat they have to the large market? 

  • I love things that aren’t easily cloned. SpaceX is an example of this. 

  • I’m very gut-driven. For me, market analysis is purely an art. 

  • The only way to learn about investing is investing. 

  • Investing in VC is all about upside maximization. 

  • I’m hesitant to talk about specific technological changes that lead to better companies because I still believe the best founders lead to the best companies. 

  • The least important part of venture capital is how you can help the company after you make the investment because the best founders can do it themselves. 

  • My investment decisions is all about if I think this is an A+ founder. An A+ founder knows how to own their weaknesses and knows how to account for them some other way. 

  • Most of all I value returns. I’m not into hype. At the end of the day, there is a scoreboard. The scoreboard is not how many retweets you get. It’s your real returns. 

  • The founding attitude of Founders Fund comes from Peter Thiel: There is not one right way. There is no one right way to do venture capital. 

  • Ask yourself what are you really good at and how do you exploit that to win? 

  • Why invest in early-stage companies and not public markets? We want to focus on where our unfair advantages are.