Masters in Business: Michael Lewis Discusses the Culture of Finance

  • I’m an opportunist. I’m looking for stories to tell that surprise and interest me, that might surprise and interest a reader.

  • People told me not to quit Wall Street to be a writer. They said I was crazy. They said to wait 10 years. Get rich. Then write. None of this advice had any effect on me whatsoever. 

  • All of my books have teachers as the main characters. Some of them are odd. What they all have in common is main characters have the capacity to teach the reader something. 

  • If a book is any good, it has the capacity to be misunderstood. 

  • Markets make huge misjudgments when they value people.

  • There are 2 million federal employees. 70% of them work in national security. 

  • In 1872 the average farmer fed 4 people. Today they feed 155 people. That is because of agricultural science and technology. That enables modern life. We freed people to do other things.