Naval Podcast: Be Too Busy to Do Coffee

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  • We squander our time with the death of a thousand cuts. [0:01]

  • I do two things simultaneously: I have an uncluttered calendar with almost no meetings and I’m busy all the time. I’m always doing something. I’m doing the highest impact thing - the thing I’m most inspired about. [0:16]

  • Ruthlessly cut meetings out of your life. [What Naval is saying here reminds me of this great Bruce Lee quote: It is not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away the unessential.] [0:49]

  • Nivi: Doing coffee reminders me of what Steve Jobs would say when he was asked why he doesn’t go to conventions: Because then we wouldn’t be here working. [1:17]

  • The progress of your product is the resume for the entrepreneur. [2:37]

  • Type 3/Type 4 luck: You spend time working and developing a distinct point of view and being able to spot opportunities others can’t. A busy calendar and a busy mind will destroy your ability to do great things. [3:39]