Naval Podcast Escape Competition Through Authenticity

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  • Peter Thiel talks a lot about competition is besides the point. Competition is counterproductive. We are highly mimetic creatures. We copy what everyone around us is doing. [0:23]

  • When you get caught up in these status games you end up competing on things that aren’t worth competing over. [0:38]

  • The way to escape competition is to be authentic to yourself. If you are fundamentally building and marketing something that is just an extension of who you are no one can compete with you on that. [1:25]

  • When it comes to entrepreneurship the masses are never right. [2:36]

  • Most people make the mistake of paying too much attention to the competition and be too much like the competition. The great founders tend to be authentic iconoclasts. [3:33]

  • Combine your vocation and your avocation. What you love to do and what you do, do. [4:22]