Naval Podcast: Keep Redefining What You Do

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  • Be the best in the world at what you do. Keep redefining what you do until this is true. [0:05]

  • If you really want to get paid in this world you want to be number 1 at whatever it is you are doing. It can be niche. That’s the point. You can be paid just for being you. Oprah gets paid for being Oprah. Joe Rogan gets paid for being Joe Rogan. [0:14]

  • Keep changing your objective until it arrives at your specific knowledge, skill sets, interests, capabilities. [0:46]

  • Be flexible until you arrive at the place of this is something I can be amazing at while still being authentic to who I am. [1:18]

  • The most important thing for a company is to find product-market fit. I would say the most important thing for an entrepreneur is to find founder / product market fit: you are naturally inclined to build the right product which has a market. [1:28]