Naval Podcast: Reject Most Advice

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  • The best founders I know listen and read every one. But then they ignore everybody and make up their own mind. They have their own internal model of how to apply things to their situation. [0:29]

  • You can’t just take other people's exact circumstances and map it onto yours. [0:34]

  • You have to reject most advice but you have to listen to and read enough of it to know what to reject and what to accept. [1:03]

  • If something does not seem true to you put it down and set it aside. [1:22]

  • I view the purpose of advice a little different than most people. I view it as helping me have anecdotes and maxims that I can then later recall when I have my own direct experience. [1:41]

  • I use my tweets and other people’s tweets as maxims that help compress my own learnings and be able to recall them. Brain space is finite. [2:16]