Naval Podcast: Set and Enforce an Aspirational Hourly Rate

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  • No one is going to value you more than you value yourself. You have to set a very high personal hourly rate and stick to it. [0:19]

  • Always factor your time into every decision. [0:35]

  • I would say to myself over and over again my hourly rate is $5000. I would still do stupid things like arguing with the electrician or returning the broken speaker - but I shouldn’t have. [1:59]

  • If you can outsource something for less than your hourly rate, outsource it or don’t do it. That includes things like cooking. If you can outsource it do that instead. [2:34]

  • Paul Graham said it well: You should be working on your product, working out, and eating healthy. [2:47]

  • Set a very high aspirational hourly rate and stick to it. It should seem and feel absurdly high. If it doesn’t it is not high enough. [3:12]