Naval Podcast: Specific Knowledge Is Highly Creative or Technical

Full podcast here.

  • To the extent that specific knowledge is taught – it’s taught on the job. It is taught through apprenticeships. The best careers are apprenticeship careers. Those are the jobs society hasn’t figured out how to train or automate yet. 

  • An example of this is Warren Buffett going to Ben Graham and offering to work for free. Ben said, “Free is overpriced.” Graham was absolutely right. Buffet should have been paying a lot. Those skills were worth knowing.

  • Specific knowledge can only be built as part of a larger obsession/interest + time spent in that domain. 

  • The best way to find specific knowledge is to follow your own obsession. Keep an eye out for the commercial aspects of it. 

  • You want to pick something where you are a natural. Everyone is natural at something: reading, programming, etc. Double down on that.