The Moment with Brian Koppelman: Jocko Willink

  • I like the idea of asking yourself where are you really at? How do you really evaluate yourself? After I recorded podcast 174 I said I was going to write a full evaluation of myself. I want to explain what I think makes a person squared away. [6:26]

  • One key thing is being squared away: A person should do what they know they are supposed to do. It is really simple to say but really hard to do. [7:07]

  • Most of us don’t actually think enough about what the standard ought to be. Not just the mediocre standard. Ask what is the highest standard? [8:30]

  • Your will is stronger than the will of a donut. Yet your will can get beaten by a donut. Don’t eat the donut. [9:43]

  • Let’s face it none of us are living up to our capability. We can all do a lot more. I want to try to make that happen. [13:28]

  • How did you learn to subsume your emotion? Not to react in anger? I learned by watching bad leaders lose their temper, yell and scream, and act like idiots. Losing your temper is a weakness. [29:04]

  • You might look at me and think this guy is pretty squared away. But when I joined the Navy I was a knucklehead. I was young. When you are an 18, 20, 24-year-old kid you don’t have things figured out yet. [31:24]

  • As I’m making a podcast or writing a book - I’m not thinking: Oh I really hope people really love this. I’m not creating things for the purpose of consumption. I’m creating something that means something to me. [59:00]