Will Ahmed- Founder & CEO of WHOOP -The Tool That Unlocks Human Performance

  • What does Whoop do? We create technology that can measure strain, recovery, and sleep. You get really high-level analytics on your body. We make money by charging a monthly membership. The wearable hardware is free. 

  • I believe the more data you collect, the less data you want to show a user: It is not helpful to have 1,000 different data points on a screen. You don’t know what to do with it. 

  • Why did you start Whoop? I believe every individual has inner potential. The key to reaching that potential is a better understanding of your body. Whoop’s mission is to unlock human performance. When I was a college athlete I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was overtraining. I didn’t understand the importance of recovery or sleep. I got really interested in this idea of how can I better understand my body? 

  • An advantage that helped Whoop: We were very focused on the main idea from day one. We didn’t veer too far off from that. The paper I wrote [before starting Whoop] was literally titled The Feedback Tool: How To Measure Strain, Recovery, and Sleep. That is the three main things we show in the app.

  • Startups often talk about the advantage of pivoting along the way. I’m skeptical of that: It just means you were wrong about something. The goal is to be right. The sooner you can be right the better.

  • With startups you need to have cash and belief. If you have those two things you can keep going forever: If you are short on one you want to have a lot of the other. If you are low on cash you really need a lot of belief. And if you don’t have a lot of belief you’re going to need cash so you have some runway. Give yourself options.

  • Sometimes being unprepared can be a good way to learn: It forces you to figure out what actually matters as fast as possible. 

  • Full podcast here.